Weddings & Cake Stand Hire in Staffordshire

Wedding Decorations Newcastle-under-Lyme

We aim to cater for all your wedding needs by supplying a plethora of wedding decoration and stand hire in Stoke-on-Trent/Newcastle-under-Lyme. From cake boards and boxes, all the way to coloured sugar-paste and marzipan.  

There is plenty of choice for the bride and groom, such as toppers and other related items for that special day. So whether you're looking at cupcakes for your wedding or a traditional cake be sure to check our cake decorating shop in Newcastle under Lyme.

Wedding Cake Ribbon

With our wide range of wedding themed ribbons, that come in a selection of sizes and colours. Ribbons are sold by the metre so you don't have to worry about buying the whole reel, but the option is there if needed. 

Bride & Groom Toppers

From traditional bride & groom toppers as well as humorous ones. If you are thinking of a unique bride and groom made from sugar-paste, this can be arranged for you with one of our professional cake makers.

We also have a supply of sugar-paste flowers in stock.

Wedding Stand Hire

  • FLAT ROUND/SQUARE 14 INCH diameter £10 Hire, £50 Deposit 
  • 2 Tier Chrome £12 Hire, £50 Deposit.
  • 3 Tier Chrome £15 Hire, £60 Deposit
  • 4 Tier Chrome £20 Hire, £65 Deposit
  • 7 Tier Cup Cake £20 Hire, £65 Deposit

Also Available:-
  • 2/3 Tier floating perspex stand
  • Vintage faceted (mirrored) stand 10" x 4.5", £8.00 Hire, £40 Deposit 
  • NEW Crystal Glass 10" stand, single central leg £10 Hire, £40 Deposit
  • NEW 3 Tier Chrome Cup Cake stand £10 Hire, £50 Deposit.  
  • Cake-stands Flat 
  • Square/Round Gold/Silver  £10 per weekend and £50 Deposit
  • 2 Tier Chrome Stand, £12 per weekend and £50 deposit
  • 3 Tier Chrome Stand, £15 per weekend and £60 Deposit.
  • 4 Tier Chrome Stand
  • 7 Tier Perspex Cupcake stand, £20 per weekend, £60 Deposit
Please note, hire charges are non-refundable, once paid. Deposits are refundable.

Charges apply per weekend (Wednesday or Friday until Monday) unless prior arrangement has been agreed.

Wedding Cake Boxes

Choosing the right sized box is essential when ordering your wedding cake.

We sell cake box extensions (risers) from 9 inches to 16 inches (all 14 inches in height) if your cake is stacked, as well as pillars and dowels if needed.